Neon Museum Elvis Elopement with artsy fartsy DTLV tour / Neil & Mel

Um, properly putting a WHOA on everything this elopement offered is not a proper enough term for my AAAHH on Mel's Dress, the adorable velvet jacket on Neil (Neil's stance) and all of the Elvis shaking, booty breaking dance moves... I am in LOVE with this elopement. 

Mel and her uncle were hiding behind the signs (and her excitement was so adorable) before everyone could see her. With a faux aisle and a waiting husband to be alongside a dancing, singing, charismatic Elvis... honestly, swoon. 

This day, by far, was a special and most magical elopement for me & I am SOOO honored they chose me to document their ceremony at the Neon Museum. We spent about 4 hours together and toured some Downtown street art, some random corner that looked special (?) and drank champagne before heading back to the Cosmopolitan for more drinks & some festive cheers with just the two of them and me, freaking out on the entire day of how much I loved everything about them.

Mel's Dress: Ian Stewart // Neil's Suit: Moss Brothers // Officiant: Frankie // Location: Neon Museum