Brent & Amanda Sneak Peek / Neon Museum Elopement

A quick sneak peek the following day, it’s what I do! I randomly select (but remember some favorites) to edit and send them to the clients the next morning!! I loved EVERYTHING about yesterday. The bride, Amanda, wore her red lips that matched her amazing red fur AND we randomly found a seance room, apparently was on their list of things to find in Vegas. Serendipitous much?!

They got married by Elvis at the Neon Museum and we took a tour to the neon lights before sending them off to their celebrations.


Rock'n Vegas Elopement Jared & Bonnie

A Las Vegas Neon Museum Elopement, again, but if you can see... they are all different depending on the love at hand. Everyones story is completely, utterly, their own & it almost alters the sky, seriously. Each day I get to photograph an elopement or wedding, it is uniquely never the same. 

Jared and Bonnie flew in from Kansas! Their friends and family were there waiting for Bonnie's walk down the aisle with her dad. The officiant was a long time friend of Jared and Bonnie and he did such an amazing job. This day was HOT- the bride had cooling packs to put in her dress (smart!) We went to a bar to hang out, to cool off, and then headed to Fremont street with a bottle of Champagne.  

Her dress was custom made to look like 1970's Cher, and by Jesus, she did just that! Her long black pony tail, her style & swag... I was so excited to share these images with you guys. 

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