Simple guide on what to expect for elopement photography

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What should I expect to do?

From my point, expect to be together. Talking, laughing, dancing... the more intimate you two are with yourselves and loved ones is what makes the most successful deliver of images. 

Some posing will be taken care of by me, but please don't stress on what to do besides just being yourselves! The day is special, all energy is heightened and being you and enjoying the moment is all that is needed because it goes fast!

A day runs smoother when the planning on the most important aspects for you are complete. Leave it up to me to take you to some cool places and let me help you figure out where you want to go!

What time frame is needed?

Most elopements run 3 hours in photography while most traditional weddings run 6+ hours in time frame. The more we get to spend with you, the better our day is to ensure the quality of images to your story. 

So, most times we butt your time up to meet the sunset. Unless, sunrise is your answer, we tack on the hours of sunrise. You work around what you aim to capture and book from there.

When is the best time to visit Vegas to elope?

April and October are the busiest months, the weather is mild and so easy to deal with! These two months are usually booked out a year in advance.


How do we pay? 

I ask for 35% to hold the date, rest due day of. I send over a PayPal invoice for your retainer and the remaining amount in cash or check! 

Your online contract can also take payment, as well! If you need to talk pricing on your elopement, reach out to me! Budgets are always talked about and you have one yourself, do not hesitate to let me know what you are looking at to see if we can work together.

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Do You Travel?

Always! Actually, I have had 5 destination weddings in 2018 and plan on more. I also traveled to Italy, Greece and Germany for portraits sessions with Andrea Whitt.

I continue to add on travel clients.

Where is the best places to shoot?

Downtown old Vegas is a great place to shoot. Tons of bars, murals and many little corners to hide away in. The Arts District is growing, also still very calm and easy to photograph and walk around in.

The desert, dry lake bed and some mountain areas are open for shoots that do not need permits.

Is there a specific spot you like to shoot at?

Yes and no! I like to take clients to new places and find more and more places to photograph you. However, there are a few places up my sleeve that I love shooting in dependent on the weather and time of year.

How many photos will I get?

Well, it is quality over quantity but this question is asked, a lot. The true answer isn't known, from your day, but the average is 250+ for the 2 hour minimum time slot. 

Images will be in so many different formats (wide angle, detail, portrait). All of the images are yours, unwatermarked (yew water marks) of course and edited! I edit skin, warmth, color and composition.

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How do we get around?

You can ride with me, or hire a driver of a vintage car to drive you around. If you are with friends, maybe you have a bus to get you to location? Otherwise, if we have multiple locations; most couples ride with me. 

If you are more comfortable meeting me first to the location we chosen, we can do that as well!