Energy project

Energy Project with 120mm Film

Energy Project with 120mm Film


The energy project & its idea

As a person who constantly ponders the stars, other Worlds, energies & spirits I am always keen for a conversation of ‘what if’. As a believer of anything is possible if you can think it, feel it and create it with your mind… why wouldn’t it be real somewhere in the vast universe?

I want to make this project for you and me. To promote the truth you may seek in your life and how you feel about reincarnation, energies, spirits and anything else that is seen, unseen or felt.

What to prepare for…

These are UNEDITED film photographs. Documenting people on film using my Mamiya rz67 and 120mm film, we have ten frames to make magic happen. Using roughly 3 rolls and an hour of your time, in my studio we meet.

I give you a questionnaire to begin the topic of conversation, see what you believe to be true & dear to you. I photograph you based on you. My ideas do not need to be yours and I love hearing what you think.

You will receive all images high-res scanned about 5 weeks after our session. Tagging #energyprojectLV for social media & hopefully having a show to promote this project even further.