About Ashley marie


It all started when…

I’m about as laid back and quirky as they come. I hesitated on making this page for years because talking about myself is boring to me, but hey- if I were traveling across the Globe to get hitched, I think knowing the photographer a little more helps put a face to the work.

I grew up barefoot and carefree in San Diego with that easy going vibe that’ll run through me until I am on the other side. I believe in another side, I also believe in always having quesadilla mixings in your kitchen at all times.

If I could time travel, I would and I would go back to the 16th century. I also love having scheduled trips on the calendar otherwise I feel lost and claustrophobic. Driving across country in my own car with the music up and the windows down makes me feel at home. Setting my eyes on new sights, hearing stories from people’s lives, how you met and who you are, makes my job the best job that there is. And I get to capture you being you.

I witness love everyday, I am the luckiest person ever.

Vegas isn’t my forever jam, it really doesn’t offer much to what truly makes me happy. I love being outdoors with a garden and being able to walk to a coffee shop or to grab a sandwich. Honestly, I just miss San Diego at times… Vegas has its perks, however. I’ve gotten an amazing friend base here and can always find home in a place where you have friends and good live music.

Until we meet in person, or through chat. Or maybe on an email? Ciao for now.